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Update on Applications for Establishing Permit Parking   

Update for Terrace/Wyoming from 39th to 42nd Streets and 1600 block of 40th Street

On Monday, February 13th, 2017, Public Works installed signs to enforce Residential Permit Parking restrictions for the restricted area (2 hours parking is allowed for non residents during enforcement hours). Now that the signs are in place, you will need a Residential Parking Permit for your car to avoid getting a ticket if you park on the street for more than two hours between the hours of 8am to 5pm, Monday thru Friday. More information about the permit application and corresponding rules and regulations are on the Residential Parking Permits page.

Other Petitions in Progress:

Applications have been submitted for restrictions in two other areas.  Neither is adjacent to 39th Street.  The next step for these applications is a hearing.  Residents of those areas will be informed of the time and place by the City.

Further Information:


City Code provides a means for residents to protect themselves from excessive parking on residential streets, and residents have worked with the city to implement it. Many Volker residents voiced their concern about parking issues and in accordance with City Code, organized to establish permit restricted parking on their blocks. Similar parking restrictions already exist in many parts of the neighborhood and other parts of the city.  

The VNA supports residents' right to take this action, and we believe that residents on Terrace and Wyoming are doing so in a way that continues to allow businesses reasonable use of residential streets for customer parking. A high percentage of residents (homeowners and tenants) signed the petition on most of the blocks covered by their application, and on all other blocks, a majority signed in support. The Volker Neighborhood Association supports these residents and expects a fair evaluation of facts and concerns during the 90 day trial period.  

The 39th Street CID and some of the 39th Street businesses oppose parking restrictions. They say the restrictions will hurt local businesses.  This fear is not supported by observations since signs were installed on south Terrace and Wyoming.  Before the restrictions, there was no parking at all available on the 3900 or 4000 block of Wyoming for 39th Street businesses from early morning until 4 or 5 pm Monday through Friday. The immediate effect of the restrictions was to open up workday parking.  People are now able to park where no one could do so before.  People are seen passing to and from 39th Street all day.  The fear that 39th Street employees and customers who wish to park longer than 2 hours cannot find parking for a half mile is also not supported.  There is open, unrestricted parking available all day on Terrace Street in the adjacent block north of 39th Street. Someone looking for unrestricted parking in the Terrace/Wyoming area would have no trouble parking there anytime. 


The petitions signed by residents (homeowners and renters) designated a 2-hour limit. On-street parking limits of two hours are common in commercial areas throughout midtown including: the Country Club Plaza, 39th Street itself, and a number of residential streets in Volker where permit parking has already been established.  Indeed, 2-hour restrictions are by far the most common restrictions anywhere.

While the VNA's job is to support residents in addressing their needs, it is also our hope that this action will benefit (or at least be harmless to) local businesses. A 2-hour restriction, 8am to 5pm Monday - Friday, will keep parking spaces open and available for lunch hour business during the week, and will not affect anyone who parks after 3pm Mon-Fri, or any time during weekends.

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