Crime and Safety / Social Media Resources   



Crime and Safety / Social Media Resources

Thanks to the hard work of VNA members, Volker is one of the safest urban neighborhoods and crime has fallen even further in recent years.  This page provides some resources to help you keep yourself, your home, and the entire neighborhood safe.


Volker Watch

Be sure to join the Facebook group for safety updates.


Next Door Volker

Also helpful for monitoring updates in the neighborhood, join Next Door Volker.

West Plaza Watch

Another helpful Facebook group to keep aware of happenings with our neighbors to the south in the West Plaza neighborhood.


Police Department Information

Call 9-1-1 to report any crime or suspected crime.

General non-emergency calls: 816-234-5111.

Traffic complaints: call the Action Center at 3-1-1. Or make a report online at:

Web Site:

KCPD crime statistics –

Police Chief James Corwin’s blog –

KCPD on Twitter: @kcpolice.


KCPD Community Liaisons

Volker’s Community Liaisons are available to help with crime and other police related neighborhood issues. You can contact them directly by phone, text or email for police related matters:

​​​​​​​Officer Holly Sticken
Phone: 816-234-5510

Officer Andy Hamil
Phone: 816-759-6313

Crime Maps

An interactive crime map is available at, where you can search by location, date range, and crime type.


Safety and Crime Prevention

The KCPD web site has several resources with tips and suggestions for keeping your home and your family safe. and


Know the neighbors on your block

Take the time meet every neighbor on your block and to get their phone numbers and email addresses.  Then you can communicate quickly when the need arises.  Also, you can join the social media group, Next Door Volker, as an easy way to get in touch with many of your neighbors.