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Traffic Calming Projects  

North Volker Traffic Calming Proposal

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South Volker Traffic Calming Proposal

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Traffic Calming Pilot Project

(Completed Spring 2020)

To be installed at the intersection of 38th and Wyoming as well as the crosswalk below Gordon Parks School. The project goals are to:

1- Slow traffic along the Karnes/Wyoming corridor by constricting traffic lanes with painted bulb-outs and physical barriers placed along the perimeter of the painted bulb-out. The barriers will be some combination of traffic bollards, cement or resin planters, and/or limestone boulders.

2- Improve visibility of stop signs by relocating them further into the street within the painted bulb-out area. 


3- Use low cost but durable materials to test the efficacy of this design to achieve the calming goals. If effective, we will pursue a permanent solution (e.g. permanent curbs instead of painted bulb-outs) and if not effective, we will remove them.

Site plan - Wyoming & 38th color bulbout
Site plan - Gordon Parks crosswalk color


Materials and Design

The following materials are being considered for our traffic calming project. We invite you to complete our online survey to help us democratically decide which materials and design are used. You can access the survey at

Note, you can click on any of the options below for more detail. Once in the detail view, you can swipe forward/back to see other material options.

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