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There are two types of graffiti – tags and gang symbols. Most graffiti in Volker tends to be the work of non-violent taggers. However, it is still important to combat all graffiti so that criminals get the message that we take care of our neighborhood.


Reporting Graffiti to the Police

KCPD encourages residents to photograph graffiti and send it to, so that police can analyze it and use it catch chronic taggers. Be sure to include the location and date/time.

Report Graffiti to the Action Center

This is a codes enforcement issue. Properties owners must remove graffiti within 48 hours or face a $200 fine. Report it to the Action Center at 3-1-1, 816-513-1313 or online at The VNA encourages direct communication with property owners prior to making a 311 report, or alternatively working with VNA representatives to liason with the owner.

Removing Graffiti

Many hardware stores sell spray products or graffiti wipes that look like baby wipes and can be used to remove graffiti. These products are usually located with the paint removers. Sprays and other products are also available and readily found by doing an Internet search for graffiti removal.


Preventing Graffiti

Graffiti-resistant paints and sealants are now available to prevent spray paint from sticking to surfaces. These products can be a good investment for property that is repeatedly tagged.


Volunteer Graffiti Clean-ups

The VNA periodically organizes volunteer run graffiti clean-ups. If you are interested in volunteering or would like to request a graffiti clean-up kit, please contact Steve Davis.

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