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Traffic Calming Projects  


North Volker Traffic Calming

The current proposal would include calming measures installed along Genessee at intersections of 36th, 37th and 38th Steet. The project goals are reduced speeding and improved safety by:

1- Discouraging non-resident drivers from speeding thru residential streets in effort to by-pass 39th Street.

2- Using curb extension bulb-outs to constrict traffic lanes and turning radii. 


3- Adding 4-way stops at all intersections and improve visibility of existing/planned stop signs by placing them further into the street within the painted bulb-out areas.

4- Using low cost but durable materials to test the efficacy of calming measures to achieve calming goals. If effective, we will pursue a permanent solution (e.g. permanent curbs instead of painted bulb-outs) and if not effective, we will remove them.

37th and Genessee - Conceptual - web.jpeg
38th and Genessee - Conceptual - web.jpeg

(Not pictured: Genessee at 36th Street, design TBD)

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