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Housing Resources, AirBnB and Short Term Rentals

VNA Housing Committee

The VNA’s Housing Committee is charged with advising and assisting residents with common residential problems, for example: code compliance issues; blighted/nuisance rental dwellings; and problematic short term rentals (STRs) in the neighborhood.


The VNA prefers to facilitate neighbor disputes around code compliance without making 3-1-1 complaints and involving the city’s Code Compliance inspectors. Depending on the nature of the compliance issue, the VNA may help organize volunteer assistance as well.


When addressing nuisance or blighted rental dwellings, the problem is often an unresponsive owner/landlord. In these cases, we can help organize a “pressure campaign” of requests to compel the owner/landlord to respond.

In the case of problematic Short Term Rentals (AirBnBs, VRBOs, etc.), the VNA can help determine if the dwelling is registered with the city and if not registered, use the “pressure campaign” approach to file complaints with the STR’s advertising platform as well as the owner. In addition, the VNA is currently lobbying city leaders to add resources for enforcing existing municipal codes governing STRs and compel non-registered STR owners to register and abide existing laws protecting our neighborhoods.

To report a nuisance party directly to AirBnB, please visit:

To contact the Housing Committee, please email or reach out to any VNA board member.

Kansas City's Neighborhood and Housing Services


The Neighborhoods and Housing Services Department works directly with citizens to protect their quality of life and the livability of our neighborhoods. With a variety of programs both city-wide and in targeted areas, we protect and sustain residential buildings, monitor nuisance businesses and respond to many types of concerns directly impacting where we all live, work and play, e.g. animal control, property code violations, dangerous buildings, liquor control, etc. Assistance is available for weatherization and free paint, with eligibility requirements.  Please visit for more information.

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