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Volker Neighborhood Association

Neighborhood Meeting

Thursday, June 13th
social 6:30pm, program 7pm 
The Loretto
1111 West 39th Street


Our next neighborhood meeting is Thursday, June 13th. We are planning to meet in person. Meeting location is the Loretto event space at 1111 West 39th Street (enter from 39th and Mercier). Our meeting room is on the backside of the building, accessible directly from the rear parking lot on the west side -- look for the glass doors. We have a detailed map on our website:
Agenda / Speakers:
As a follow-up to our recent Homes Tour, the June meeting will focus on timeless tips and tricks for decorating an old home that work WITH your original character, while maintaining relevance to today. We will cover how to incorporate unpainted woodwork, adding a modern touch, window coverings, and interior design basics.
Other topics to include:
  • VNA Summer Picnic 
  • Porch Parties 
  • Traffic Calming Update
Volker Newsletter
May / June edition

Want to see a past meeting?

You can watch the recordings HERE​​

Call for Volunteers

Want to get more directly involved in VNA and make a difference in the neighborhood? We are looking for volunteers to help with the following activities:
  • Marketing / Website / Social Media - are you familiar with website design, Wix tools, Facebook and/or NextDoor? If not, want to learn some cool new skills? We can teach you and we really need your help with this critical VNA function.
  • Real Estate Attorney / Paralegal - to help advise on housing issues.
  • Neighborhood cleanups - join your fellow neighbors and help keep our neighborhood tidy and litter free!
  • Yard of the Month Committee - to help select yard of the month nominees each month. Email if interested.
  • Newsletter delivery alternates - to help deliver the paper newsletter when needed
  • Volkerfest volunteer/organizer - want to get involved in bringing Volkerfest back next year? Join the team and make it happen!
Please let us know if you would be willing to help out by contacting your local VNA board member or emailing
Please visit our Archives page to access past newsletters and recorded neighborhood meetings.
"When I came here, I was looking for a community.  Then I realized I was helping create one."    -Ryan Albright
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