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Residential Parking Permits  


About Residential Parking Permits

Some areas of Volker limit on-street parking for non-residents. Residents of those streets may park freely with a Resident Parking Permit which is displayed in the rear windshield of their vehicle. PLEASE NOTE: These permits are no longer available from the City’s Public Works Department. The new process is to create an account with the City's permit application website Compass KC and apply for the parking permit there. A youtube video tutorial is available to help you undstand the application process:

     Compass KC website (the permit you want is called Street - Parking : Parking - Residential Zone)

     Compass KC tutorial video

How to obtain your Residential Parking Permit

If you are a resident living in a resident permit restricted area and want to park on the street for more than 2 hours at a time during the restricted hours, here's how (please note, a permit is not necessary for those who use off street parking and/or do not plan to park on affected city streets outside the restricted hours or for less than 2 hours at a time):

1. Create an account on the Compass KC website. NOTE: your web brower must support Microsoft Silverlight in order to use the Compass KC website.

2. Use the Compass KC webite to apply for a Residential Parking Permit.


3. You will need to add a Location under the Locations section (your street address).

4. Add Billing and Permittee contact info under the Contacts section (presumably this is you).

5. Upload copies of the required documents under the Attachments section:

  • Driver’s license

  • Vehicle registration (VIN)

  • Proof of residency. Lease and/or utility bills

6. Accept the terms, enter your driver's license and vehicle details, review your application and submit the completed application.


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