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Dumpster Use Policy   


Each year we host Spring and Fall dumpster days. The VNA coordinates with the City to provide two dumpsters for trash, and one dumpster for leaf/brush debris. We frequently have electronic recyclers and/or metal scrappers attend the events as well. Please check with your local VNA area representative for details.

In respect of VNA members whose membership dues pay for the dumpsters, and to prevent abuse of this community service to the neighborhood please note the following rules:


8AM to 10AM -- VNA Members only

Any VNA member will be allowed to dump for FREE from 8AM to 10AM. If you are not an active member, you can sign up online:


Any non-member who is a Volker resident will be allowed to pay $15 on-the-spot for an individual VNA membership to qualify as a member to dump before 10AM. If you sign up in the Spring, you will qualify for FREE dumping at the Fall dumpster day as well.


Please bring photo identification and proof of Volker residency. Membership fees are tax deductible as the VNA is a 501c3 non-profit.


10AM to 12PM (or until full)
Non-member local residents may dump a carload with a recommended donation of $15 (or $20 for a trailer) anytime after 10AM until dumpsters are full. Existing members can still dump for FREE during this time. Please bring proof of local residency. Your donation is tax deductible.


  • General household items

  • Scrap/junk

  • Leaf/brush (in separate dumpster)


  • Commercial dumping

  • Hazardous waste (chemicals)

  • Household appliances

  • Automobile tires

  • Medical waste

  • Paint / Paint cans

  • Fuel containers

  • Batteries

  • Concrete

  • Bulky items (couches, mattresses, large furniture, etc.)


Bulky items will NOT be accepted (no couches, mattresses, large furniture, etc). These items can be disposed of for FREE by scheduling a bulky item pickup with the City using the 311 service. More details here.


Electronics will be accepted under the following rules:

  • YES for anything with a plug, except... 

  • NO household appliances

  • NO batteries

  • NO refrigerators or air conditions (nothing with coolant inside)

  • A fee applies for recycling TVs, CRT monitors and computer printers

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