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SAMPLE LETTER   Please add to, subtract, or write your own.  INCLUDE YOUR ADDDRESS somewhere in the letter.  ***Include this line only if your address is within the petition area.  


Dear Councilperson,

As a resident of the Volker neighborhood and a constituent voter in your area, I am asking for your support in passing a permit parking application for the Volker neighborhood that is scheduled for a vote in the near future. *** [I live within the petition area at (Give your own address).] ***

I hereby voice my support for the application petition to institute 2-hour restricted parking from Monday thru Friday 8AM to 5PM (except with area resident permit) for Terrace Street and Wyoming Street, from 39th Street to 42nd Street, and the 1400 block of 40th Street connecting between Terrace Street and Wyoming Street.  

These blocks are overrun with commuter parking from nearby KU Med center during business hours and area residents have signed a petition in accordance with Section 70-537 of Kansas City’s Traffic Code to establish a permit parking system on these streets to help solve the problem.

The same parking restrictions already exist in other parts of the Volker neighborhood and along the 39th Street corridor as well.  The parking restrictions help residents and local businesses alike by preventing the nuisance of all-day KU Med commuter parking from dominating our neighborhood streets.

Thank you for your time and support in helping approve this resident supported action.





Scott Wagner, 1st District-at-Large           

Heather Hall, 1st District                                 

Teresa Loar, 2nd District-at-Large              

Dan Fowler, 2nd District                                  

Quinton Lucas, 3rd District-at-Large        

Jermaine Reed, 3rd District                             

**Katheryn Shields, 4th District-at-Large

**Jolie Justus, 4th District                              

Lee Barnes, Jr., 5th District-at-Large          

Alissia Canady, 5th District                            

Scott Taylor, 6th District-at-Large             

Kevin McManus, 6th District                        

**Volker is in the 4th District.


To email, copy and paste these email addresses into the "TO:" line of your email:


Or for regular postal mail:

Postal Address:

 [Councilperson’s Name]

414 East 12th Street

22nd Floor

Kansas City, MO 64106

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